Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight

In the past few weeks, I’ve played a rather insignificant role in a forthcoming HBO film known as Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight. The film follows Ali’s battle against the US government over the Vietnam War.

This is my first time-period film I’ve been a part of. It takes place in 1971, which means the set is filled with herbal cigarettes and porn-staches (As pictured below). No children were harmed by my creepy mustache.

Over the years I’ve met Presidents and Academy Award winners, so far be it from me to feel star-struck. However, being on the set for this film watching this man work had me floored. Nope, not Christopher Plummer nor Danny Glover, though both are in the film. I’m referring to the Director, Stephen Frears.

He guides a set in a focused, cordial and free-spirited way. You may recognize his other work from The Queen or The Grifters, but his most famous film is High Fidelity. The film that cemented John Cusack and Jack Black into the hipster hall-of-fame.

Off-camera I’ve enjoyed watching him with the crew and other actors. From the grips to fluffers (Sadly, there’s no actual fluffers on this set) , they’re all treated with respect and patience. An example we should all aspire to live by.

(Left: Me with fake creepy mustache. Right, Random guy with REAL creepy mustache)

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