Every night in New York, I see a person attempting to do Mitch Hedberg on-stage. The outcome of their effort is laughable, in the wrong way. Though I don’t judge them harshly, because Mitch was truly unique, super talented and someone worth emulating.

Most of my comedy buddies have a Hedberg story. Some opened for him, others did drugs with him & some opened, did drugs and lived with him. I’ve heard each of my friends tell their Hedberg stories a few times and each time I laugh, not unlike a Hedberg joke. I know guys who can do a full half-hour just using Hedberg jokes. 

Mitch would often call into our radio show in Seattle (The Robin & Maynard Show). He became close with us as he spent time in Seattle workshopping a lot of his material before making it big. 

The last time I talked to him, he and his lady were driving their RV across Montana towards Seattle on tour. He’d be cracking jokes on-air and dodging wildlife at the same time. I’ll find that interview and post it in the coming days.

Most comics hate doing radio. Reasonably so, most morning radio shows blow. However, Mitch for some reason seemed to like our show. He’d often sound nervous with Robin & Maynard as they were synonymous with Seattle culture and are true radio legends. He’d listen to the show when coming up in the Seattle comedy scene and Mitch seemed so grateful just to be on with us. Which was odd, because all of us in-studio were even more so for having him each time. 

I saw this brilliant short that Scott Moran shot. If you were a fan of Mitch Hedberg’s, I highly suggest it. It’s an intimate look at his writing process and the large life he lived. Scott Moran has shot a few other episodes of Modern Comedian. It’s worth taking a look.


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